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High performing resin chemistries provide exceptional lining protection for ultra-corrosive environments and perform under extreme physical conditions.

Stonchem Markets Include: Pulp and Paper, Water/Wastewater, Chemical, Food & Beverage,General Manufacturing, Parking Garages

  • Stonchem 300: Epoxy resin linings designed to protect concrete substrates against a broad range of chemicals. Designed for wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Stonchem 400: Linings formulated using polyurea-polyurethane hybrid technology; produces a tough, flexible protective film.
  • Stonchem 500: Hybrid epoxy resin linings for chemical resistance; protects against thermal cycling.
  • Stonchem 600: Novolac epoxy linings to resist extreme temperatures and chemical attack. Available in conductive/sparkproof formulations.
  • Stonchem 700: Unsaturated polyester resin linings to resist most oxidizing chemicals.
  • Stonchem 800: Highly cross-linked vinyl ester resin linings. Available in conductive/hydrofluoric acid resistant formulations
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